Texting Terms of Use

SMS Terms

These Healthcare Notification Terms of Use applies when you give prior express consent to receive healthcare notifications from us. Healthcare notifications may include recurring texts related to appointment reminders and additional information regarding your personal health. Message frequency may vary.

To stop receiving text notifications reply STOP. For questions or assistance, contact our care advocates Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm EST at 800-209-5233.

For assistance with text notifications, text HELP. Healthcare notifications may be sent to your mobile number using an automatic dialing system. Message and data rates may apply. Not all carriers may support healthcare notifications.


After sending “STOP,” we may send a confirmation message to ensure your opt-out request. You will no longer receive text notifications. To rejoin, sign up as you did initially, and we will resume sending text notifications.

We do not guarantee successful delivery of text notifications by your wireless provider. Factors like network coverage, distance to transmission sites, terrain, weather, and equipment limitations may affect message delivery. We and your wireless provider are not liable for losses or damages arising from:

  • Undelivered or delayed notifications
  • Notifications sent to the wrong number
  • Inaccurate or incomplete content in a text notification

We are not liable for your use or reliance on the content of any text notification.

We can deliver messages to major carriers: AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, U.S. Cellular, Alltel, Boost Mobile, Nextel, and Virgin Mobile; and minor carriers: Alaska Communications Systems (ACS), Appalachian Wireless (EKN), Bluegrass Cellular, Cellular One of East Central IL (ECIT), Cellular One of Northeast Pennsylvania, Cincinnati Bell Wireless, Cricket, Coral Wireless (Mobi PCS), COX, Cross, Element Mobile (Flat Wireless), Epic Touch (Elkhart Telephone), GCI, Golden State, Hawkeye (Chat Mobility), Hawkeye (NW Missouri), Illinois Valley Cellular, Inland Cellular, iWireless (Iowa Wireless), Keystone Wireless (Immix Wireless/PC Man), Mosaic (Consolidated or CTC Telecom), Nex-Tech Wireless, NTelos, Panhandle Communications, Pioneer, Plateau (Texas RSA 3 Ltd), Revol, RINA, Simmetry (TMP Corporation), Thumb Cellular, Union Wireless, United Wireless, Viaero Wireless, and West Central (WCC or 5 Star Wireless). Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.

Contact your wireless provider for questions about your text plan or data plan. For inquiries about our services or your plan, call the toll-free member number on your ID card.

These Terms of Use are governed by Minnesota law, without reference to its rules regarding choice of law.

Privacy & Security:

Promptly update us if your mobile number changes. It is your responsibility to provide a correct mobile number and notify us of any changes. Failure to provide your new mobile number relieves us of any responsibility for notifications sent to the wrong number.

We recommend securing your mobile device with a password. Healthcare notifications may contain protected health information (PHI), and as text messaging is unencrypted, there is a risk of interception or viewing by third parties who have access to your device. When you choose to receive healthcare notifications from us, you do so at your own risk. The use and disclosure of PHI in healthcare notifications may be governed by other privacy notices, including applicable HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

View our Privacy Policy here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What types of healthcare notifications will I receive?
Healthcare notifications may include information about benefits, programs, products, services, or tools.

Can I choose the types of healthcare notifications I receive?
Yes, you can select the specific types of healthcare notifications you wish to receive.

How often will healthcare notifications be sent, and how many will I receive?
When you enroll in a recurring healthcare notification program, we will provide information about the frequency and quantity of notifications you can expect.

How can I stop receiving healthcare notifications?
To stop receiving healthcare notifications, reply STOP.

What if my mobile number changes?
Please promptly update us with your new mobile number. It is your responsibility to provide the correct mobile number and inform us of any changes. Failure to provide your new mobile number relieves us of any responsibility for notifications sent to the wrong number.

What is a personalized healthcare notification?
A personalized healthcare notification provides tailored information to help you manage your health effectively. These notifications may include doctor’s appointment reminders, educational content, or suggestions to improve well-being and reduce costs. Personalized notifications may contain medical or mental health information specific to you, such as pregnancy. We recommend using a password to protect the privacy of your mobile device if you choose to receive personalized notifications.

I signed up for healthcare notifications but haven’t received any. Why?
Text messaging services may not be available from all wireless providers. You may not receive notifications if your wireless network is down or if you are outside the service range. We are not responsible for any losses or damages resulting from undelivered or delayed notifications.